Our story

Learn about the achievements that have shaped the company «Arman»


In 2000 Managers and technical specialists joined together in 2000 to create a company that could offer the market complete solutions in the field of telecommunications systems for industry.

In 2001 Arman has signed a distribution agreement for German loudspeaker equipment.

In 2002 Arman has formed a service for the development of industrial communication systems under the brand "Armtel".

In 2004 The production line of "Armtel" equipment is organized.

In 2007 The first delivery of industrial communication systems under an international project at the Kudankulam nuclear power Plant (India) was made.

In 2009 The company "Synergy Astana" has been established, providing comprehensive solutions for power generation for the industrial and oil and gas sectors.

In 2010 "Synergy Astana" supplies 110 MW power equipment for Karaganda CHPP-2

In 2011 The Armtel company enters the international market, the representative office in India is opened. A demo version of the industrial communication system "Armtel" is deployed at the facilities of Pemex in Mexico.

«Synergy Astana» starts production of Packaged Power Plants based on Capstone microturbines.

In 2012 Established enterprises "ArmWind" and "KazWind Energy" in Kazakhstan, aimed at the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

On the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 wind farms with a capacity of 50-100 MW are being built.

In 2013 The headquarters in Singapore has been opened.

«Synergy Astana» received a certificate of origin of goods CT-KZ (the share of local content is up to 45%).

In 2014 The company's competencies are confirmed by the independent rating "Modernization and Engineering 2013", according to the results of which "Arman" was recognized as the best company in the field of Russian IT-engineering.

In 2015 The company " Synergy Astana "signed a service contract for the gas pipeline "Beineu - Bozoy - Shymkent".»

The Arman company took part in the work of the import substitution and localization center in St. Petersburg.

In 2016 Synergy Astana becomes the exclusive distributor of Capstone Turbine Corporation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and wins the tender for the implementation of the Beineu - Bozoi - Shymkent Gas pipeline Construction project.

In 2017 At the end of 2016, the company "Arman" entered the TOP-50 rating of the largest system integrators of Russia in the field of information and communication technologies and took 34th place.

In 2018 At the end of 2017, the company "Arman" took 31st place in the TOP-50 integrators of Russia.

August 29, 2018 - The school of robotics and programming was opened - RoboSchool, St. Petersburg (Russia).

In 2019 Opening of a new production site with an area of 2000 sq. M. in St. Petersburg (Russia).

«Synergy Astana» manufactures and supplies BKES to the facility of the Akzhar Vostochny field.

At the end of 2018, the company "Arman" took 25th place in the TOP-50 integrators of Russia.

In 2020A representative office of Armtel was opened in Algeria.

Arman Energo becomes the exclusive distributor of Capstone Turbine Corporation in Russia for the oil and gas industry. Synergy Astana becomes the exclusive distributor of Capstone Turbine Corporation in Uzbekistan.

«Synergy Astana» was awarded the status of "Industry Leader 2020" according to the National Business Rating in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company became a Member of the Union of Power Engineers..

In 2021 We have adopted the renewed values of the company: Decency, Proactivity, Progressiveness

We have developed a new solution - the dispatch center Сentrena!

Organized and held one of the largest robotics competitions in Russia - R: ED FEST (over 1000 participants).

«Synergy Astana» has implemented more than 40 energy centers in Kazakhstan..