What we follow and strive for


Arman provides organizations around the world with industrial engineering solutions and products by building a team of professionals, applying advanced technologies, and constantly working to improve their products and services.


Arman provides its employees with opportunities for self-realization, supporting professional development and leadership skills.

To Shareholders

Arman gives its shareholders the opportunity to realize their ideas, participate in useful and interesting business, and also provides a stable income and security.


  • Over the next 20 years, the quality of Arman solutions will be recognized by consumers and leading global institutions on a par with the current leaders;
  • Arman solutions will be known in most developed and developing countries of the world;
  • Arman will be one of the 100 most attractive employers in the CIS and Asia;

Our principles

  • Armand-dream company
  • We strive to have the best employees;
  • We create opportunities for each employee of the company: to participate in interesting projects, to develop professionally, to make a career, to increase their income;
  • We reward outstanding employee performance with long-term motivation, up to and including participation in the company's profits.
  • Arman is a world-class company
  • We compare ourselves with the world's best companies in terms of quality, efficiency, novelty of solutions, employee qualifications, and reputation.
  • Our goal is to ensure that the volume of business in other countries is not less than in Russia.
  • We strive for global fame as a technological, progressive, socially responsible company.
  • Armand-efficient company
  • When evaluating a project, employee, or business unit, we primarily use performance indicators.
  • We take measures to maintain and improve efficiency: we optimize business processes and develop the management system.
  • We focus our efforts on effective market strategies, and do not try to increase the market share "in general"at any cost
  • Arman-stable company
  • We analyze and take risks into account when making all decisions. We are making efforts to create a risk management system that is independent of the operational business.
  • We are purposefully diversifying our business to balance country and industry risks.
  • We do not undertake questionable financial transactions and remain fully in the legal field in all countries of our presence.
  • Armand-advanced company
  • The company constantly implements strategic programs for personnel development, introduction of advanced technologies and improvement of business efficiency.
  • We introduce advanced technologies, develop our own advanced solutions.
  • We strive to ensure that employees and managers continuously improve their competencies. We evaluate managers not only on their personal development and results, but also on how their subordinates develop.
  • Arman-supplier of quality solutions
  • The quality of our products and services is our key competitive advantage. We do not resort to compromise solutions in the field of quality for the sake of short-term benefits.
  • We are building a quality management system.
  • Arman is a socially responsible company
  • We strive to make social commitments. Arman pays taxes and directs part of the resources to the dissemination of knowledge in the world.
  • The company spends part of its profits annually on charity
  • The company takes special measures to minimize the life risks of successful employees and their families.
  • Armand-honest company
  • We are honest with our customers, partners, employees, and the state.
  • The fulfillment of all our promises, statements, and principles can be verified.