Investing in Happiness. Forbes interview with the President of Arman International Holding

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The work and life balance is one of the key personal assets cherished by contemporary entrepreneurs. Serikbai Bisekeyev, the founder and president of Arman International Holding shares his thoughts why it is so important to pursue your happiness and make people around you happy.

- You are a successful businessman, and in 2012 you received the Entrepreneur of the Year in Russia award, according to EY. How did this award support your business, what impact did it have on you personally?

- This award resulted in widespread recognition, and it opened closed doors. I am very grateful to my like-minded colleagues for their efforts and support; it is our teamwork that contributed to this success. However, today I understand that I was trapped in a successful person stereotype. When you have material wealth, power or fame, people believe that this kind of blessings make you happy. No matter how much money they have in their pockets, i.e. a million or a billion dollars, people strongly believe that we can buy happiness.

- What about you, were you happy at that time?

- I thought so. We established a successful international holding company from scratch and merged independent companies operating in different countries. One would think that I got everything I wanted. I bought luxury cars, apartments, and houses, and I traveled a lot. I had about a hundred flights a year, and my business was going well, so I was rarely at home. Everything changed when I went through divorce, and faced with resentment and disappointment. During this turbulent period I came to understand some very important things - I made my beloved one unhappy, I did not spent enough time with my children. It is crucial to timely realize that you need to stop living only with your business projects. You should maintain the right balance between your career aspirations and personal life.

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