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About Me

I am a happy man. Nobody can teach you how to be happy, there is no such science as the science of happiness, because happiness is individual. And I am interested in exploring this topic. In our material world, when people talk about themselves, they usually talk about their positions, resources, levers of power, while they forget about the spiritual aspect of life. Whereas I want to prove that the spiritual and material life should be in balance.

Previously, I have also been focused on the material life, striving for achievements, and I believed that it was important to be financially successful to self-actualize oneself. However, when you experience multiple losses in your life, you start reconsidering your life values.

For me, happiness consists of several aspects that should be kept in balance. These are health, family and power of ancestry, love for your beloved one and everything around you, relationships with children, personal development and education, spiritual practices, one's own purpose and mission, personal brand and recognition, charity and volunteering, travelling and hobbies, and freedom. Perhaps these values will be relevant for other people as well.

I am an earthling. I belong to the Earth. I want people on this planet to live in comfort in the world without borders between countries, to travel, to raise their living standards. I want our human society to be mature to be able to ask proper questions and find answers.

In our daily life, when we solve daily life problems, we sometimes do not have time to be alone with our internal selves. Yet I believe that we need these moments of solitude to notice the signs of the Universe, to understand them. It is important to ask yourself questions and seek for answers. Understanding that the world is global is the key. Everything has already been created. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; all you need is to observe, hear, and read the answers. My personal approach to life is to dream, plan, and act.

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